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Short film teaser 1:48 Director: BRIAN ANDREWS


Writer/director Brian Andrews in San Francisco, CA: "The goal of the project was to interpret the Hominid series of photo-composites I completed in 2005 of hybrid human and animal anatomies.

"Fusing human and animal anatomies is not a new idea; almost every mythology has hybrid creatures. By using x-rays as source material I was able to make the images contemporary in their form, as well as directly challenge the viewer by taking them inside their own bodies.

"When translating the photo-composites into the animation, it was essential to use the unique view of the creatures' anatomies to be the motivation of the story. That's why the narrative is so physical and visceral; it needed to emerge directly from the bodies of the hominids themselves.

"The animation, rendering, and compositing pipeline we used in production was fairly straightforward and optimized. The biggest challenge was that the students who worked on the project were working in this environment for the first time. They had to struggle and evolve to meet the demands of a professional production environment.

"Pre-production began in the summer of 2011. The animation was completed in an intensive five-week course last fall. The rest of the winter was spent on sound design and titles.

"The original photographs were constructed in Photoshop from scans of both pediatric and veterinary x-ray films. I would approach emergency rooms and ask them if I could get access to their unusable films. Most were rejected by the physician because of an improper exposure or operator error so they could not be added to the patients' medical record. Some hospitals had so many discarded x-ray sheets that they filled 50-gallon drums. Once the patients' privacy clauses of HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) took effect in 2005, my access to the supplies of this material was essentially frozen by the hospitals out of fears of litigation.

"Initially I sought out films of children because the scale was more practical to scan. However I quickly discovered that the pediatric x-rays had a lot more life to them. The children would squirm and inadvertently strike unique poses with personality, whereas adults would behave and lay as instructed, which produced repetitive bland diagnostic images."

Writer/director: Brian Andrews Animation supervisor: Joe Daniels Lead character TD: Rodney Brett Character TD: Omar Garcia, Rob Garcia, Andrew Manuel Story artist: Janine Labar Animation: Jason Alas, Brittany Barnes, Denice Dehelean, Andrew Manuel, John Treleaven, Tim Xenakis Shading: Vincent Jaramillo, Matthew Picasso Modeling: Pedro Ferreira, Dakota Fulmer, Sam Hedberg, Abraham Rodriguez, Joshua Roth, Darrell White Compositing: Kyle Greenberg, Nate Rodriguez Dynamic effects: Tyler Giusti Sound design: Bryan Atarama, David Claudio Composer: Jordan Suhr Title Design: Adrian Amler, Patches, Angela Yu Thanks: Andrew Dayton, Adrian Miller, John Scanlon, Andrew Schlussel, Josh Qualtieri

Toolkit Maya, Nuke, RenderMan, Mudbox, Premiere, After Effects, Pro Tools

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